• PR & Communications


Designing and then delivering marketing plans, managing the creation of the branding and identity, copy writing and campaign project management is core to what we do for our clients.

Taking a creative view of the how to solve the clients problems and looking at the most time efficient, cost effective way to achieve these aims requires experience as well as an innovative approach to our day to day work.

Whether the requirement is to project manage the delivery of a new company identity, design the content requirements for a new event, propose how to structure the sponsorship requirements of a new campaign or how to reach a new audience using new media channels we approach all challenges with a creative approach to ensure maximum ROI for the client.

Digital marketing

The Internet is the biggest and most innovative marketing channel available to nearly all our clients. It is also the place where it’s not always about the size of your budget but how you use it that really counts!

Websites provide a key platform for all our clients marketing and communication channels and often fulfil a range of needs. We are aware that in every case the aims and objectives of a new, or re-designed website will be different and that B2B vs. B2C will bring completely different requirements but our expertise in supporting the design, structure, copy writing, call to action and data capture has lead to a series of successful websites being built and showcased in our case studies.

100AND10% will get to the core of your business and help you successfully and profitably integrate all the aspects of digital marketing that can make up your customer journey, including managing your email marketing strategy, website design, use of new media and social networks.